When I first started working for myself (around 9 years ago) I spent hours, days and weeks working out how to use digital to benefit my business. Self-taught, I've experimented widely and attended many, many hours of training, to get it right. What I know for sure, is there's always much more to learn, more to keep up with and more to try. 

But when it comes to social media, I practise what I preach and use our business social channels confidently and consistently to raise Sparkle's profile. And it's fair to say, I reap the rewards from the effort I put it. But then, as they say in the North East, 'shy bairns get nowt' and if you put nowt in, you get nowt back.

If you're nervous, find it hard to make the time or can't see the benefit of using social media marketing for your business, then my training sessions are designed for you.

I'm a trained teacher, love teaching and learning and am full of Sparkly energy. I'll answer your questions, make sure social media makes sense and get the best out of you so you can do it yourself. It's your business and your marketing needs to be something you enjoy. 

I offer a range of training; 121 for those who want a totally personal experience, group sessions for those who love the networking element of training and I work on a number of large, fully funded training programmes across the North East too. Whatever you need to get your social media marketing Sparkling, I can help.

Find details of the next training sessions and see what you think of Sparkle's own social media channels -  Twitter, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram and Link with me - Nicola.