Social media marketing is either the best thing since sliced bread (we tend to think so) or, as many of you keep telling us, a necessary evil which leaves you feeling a little overwhelmed!

Our take on social media for our businesses is this: using it helps us build an online presence, get our brand known, make contacts, develop great working relationships and develop sales leads too.  

We have to work at our social media marketing, it's not just going to magically happen.
Having a plan in place helps keep you or your team focused on what needs to happen, but the actions in your plan have to be delivered: that's where Nicola can help. 

The Digital Sparkles monthly mentoring sessions with Nicola are designed to help you keep your social media marketing on track, to keep your business communications consistent and keep you accountable for achieving your marketing goals.

The 1–2–1 sessions can cover the topics you need. For example, we can:

  • Assess what you achieved last month and decide what to do next
  • Plan digital content together
  • Write content, design images and schedule together
  • Work on your overall marketing plan
  • Design a newsletter
  • Tackle training issues
  • Anything else marketing and business related!

The fabulous thing about 1–2–1 mentoring is that it is tailored to meet your needs. In addition, a weekly email, call or Skype can be scheduled to help you stay motivated. 

If business mentoring is something you're interested in, let's schedule a call or a meeting. 

Contact Nicola via email in the first instance and in the meantime, check out the Digital Sparkle social media channels (and reviews) to see what others say about our service – Twitter, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram.