Derwentside Business Network

Living in Consett, I was absolutely chuffed to discover Derwentside Business Network.

I've been networking (and running our own) for a number of years, but as soon as I became a member, I knew it was the one for me. An informal and supportive business community, that is passionate about the businesses in Derwentside and most of all filled with interesting, friendly and approachable business people. 

None of your cliques here.   

Over the last 4 months, we've seen the network grow by 20% including business people from all industries but in the last month, we're delighted to be involved in a project to deliver funded training sessions for the members and to provide 12 hours of funded support to 12 businesses based within the Derwentside borders. 

In October, we delivered our Social Media workshop focussing on developing a strategic approach, and one of our delegates, David from The Derwentside Business Network itself, took the time to write the following kind words. 

"I had always felt nervous about using social media as I never knew what to write to make an impact.  Nicola helped to break that trepidation by showing us how to approach social media.  The presentation clearly showed the benefits of using social media to reach out to other businesses.  

A clear plan and strategy were essential in how to target individual messages.  We also learnt that social media does not need to take up a massive amount of time to boost business.  It became clear that social media could focus on your customers, build your brand, and create and curate content.  As someone who is not using social media to its full potential, I discovered that making a plan and then implementing it is the way forward.

Nicola gave us plenty to think about and how we can start using social media to get ourselves noticed in the wider business community."