#dodigital Boot Camp

Join our #dodigital Boot Camp and smash your digital targets!

#dodigital Boot Camp is not for the faint-hearted, a 6-month commitment to increasing your social media productivity and gaining results.

The key to the success of our programme is target-setting and accountability. It sounds really simple, but in truth, we estimate 80% of people go on training courses, leave feeling super sparkly and motivated to act, and then the very next day something distracts, real-life kicks back in and that motivation evaporates without the actions being realised.

Our #dodigital Boot Camp reverses that and there are two options for you to access our programme.

Option 1
Commit one day per month for 6 months (minimum)
-  Your day will focus on reflecting on your previous months' achievements and what’s not worked so well, setting targets for the next month and time to actually ‘work on’ your digital marketing. After lunch, which is provided, there will be a tailored digital training session for the group.

This could be LinkedIn, Facebook, Advertising, Twitter, Creating images, taking photos, Google Analytics, Content planning, content creation, blog writing and so on. We also invite guest trainers into the sessions to cover sales, pitching yourself and confidence amongst other topics. This is led by the delegates and their need.

You will receive daily support in our private, members-only Facebook community and weekly newsletter reminders to stay on track.
Option 2
Commit one morning per month for 6 months (minimum) - The morning will focus on reflecting on your previous months' achievements and what's not worked so well, tracking sales, setting 3 - 5 targets for the next month and 15 minutes 1-2-1 time with Nicola for any niggling issues that you've faced. Bring a packed lunch for a spot of networking once the session is finished. 

You will also work in a private Facebook group to keep you motivated throughout the rest of the month. 

What about the investment - let's talk about price!

All the sessions take place at Sparkle HQ and there are three options for you to choose from to access our #dodigital boot camp.

Option 1 - £80 + VAT  per month-  One full day per month =  target setting, accountability, subject training and guest speakers/trainers, daily group support and weekly accountability reminders.

Option 2 - £50 + VAT per month- One morning per month and daily support in our private, members-only Facebook community, weekly challenges and weekly newsletter reminders to stay on track.

Your payment is fully in your control. You set up a direct debit via GoCardless and there are no refunds on the course as we do expect full commitment for six months. *Unless there is a compelling reason that you need to leave in which case have a chat with Nicola.* 

Do we have your attention? Would you like to be considered for the next #dodigital boot camp?

In the first instance, please email Michelle Dobson who manages all the courses we run here at Digital Sparkles. She'll send out the questionnaire to gather details about you, your business and what you're hoping to achieve from your digital marketing along with what specific training you need. 

Once that's all sorted, you'll have a 30-minute coaching call with Nicola just to make sure all expectations are discussed and agreed upon.

After that, if our #dodigital boot camp is a match for your objectives, we'll invite you to join us on the next available date.

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