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blog entry - Thursday 11th April 2019, 10:39am: Why Go Live?

Why Go Live?

April 11th 2019

"I AM NEVER DOING A LIVE VIDEO!" I hear it all the time. Here are some compelling reasons to crack on and have a go ...

blog entry - Monday 23rd July 2018, 9:22am: Instagram TV – The Lowdown

Instagram TV – The Lowdown

July 23rd 2018

Instagram TV (or IGTV if you’re down with the kids) is the latest social media application for us all to keep up with. If you’re a lover of video then hurrah, you can rejoice! If you’re a video Luddite, well read on as this new platform may just change your mind.

blog entry - Monday 29th January 2018, 9:11am: Lads and Lasses We Love – Lara Mellor

Lads and Lasses We Love – Lara Mellor

January 29th 2018

This week we welcome Lara Mellor as the Lass We Love. With over 18 years experience in Microsoft and IT training she loves seeing people get that the lightbulb moment when she gives them tools to perform tasks in minutes that used to take hours.