blog entry - Tuesday 29th November 2016, 11:33am: Managing your time over Christmas

Managing your time over Christmas

November 29th 2016

So the festive season is nearly upon us and we’re looking forward to a little bit of time off but of course we must ensure we still keep up our communications during the holidays – and how can we do that while ensuring some well-deserved time off?  blogger extraordinaire Samantha Rickleton shares her survival secrets with us. 

blog entry - Monday 28th November 2016, 9:27pm: Why does SEO matter? 

Why does SEO matter? 

November 28th 2016

As a small business you've probably heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and you may find the whole area of SEO mysterious and somewhat confusing. Our guest blogger, Belinda White of Arttica, explains. 

blog entry - Tuesday 1st November 2016, 8:09pm: Events the #dodigital way

Events the #dodigital way

November 1st 2016

We’ve thrown a few events in our time at Sparkle. Whether that’s about doing business, digital discussion or raising money for charity, it’s all centered around the sparkly theme: connecting and networking.