Yes, you have got TIME

May 2nd 2017, 10:25am

When people tell me they haven't got time to use social media for their business, what I actually hear is that there is (9/10 times) a different underlying issue. It's a pretty bold statement but stay with me. Social media marketing takes time, of course it does. But I absolutely know you want people to find out all about your business so let's break down 'Time'.

I Don't Have Time. Actually what I really mean is...


1. I don't know where on earth to start. Plan it. Don't Panic it. Get yourself a marketing plan in place which outlines what you're trying to acheive and you'll feel much better. Don't have a template? Email me for your free copy.

2. I have no idea what to say. Once you have your theme planned out, then the content will come more easily. Make sure you build in a good mix of messages about your business, about your collaborators, the lovely people in your network, what's happening in your area, updates about your industry, things to make people laugh and provoke an emotional response. And less of the sales pitches. None of us like it. Use images, videos, live videos, written content and longer blog posts too. 

And remember your audience IS interested in what you have to say. 

3. I don't know who to talk to. Identify who your existing and ideal customers are and write for them. Actually, this should be point 2. Because knowing who you are writing for means your content will flow much more easily and ensure it is right for them. Check who your audiences are on your social media channels via the analytics or insights and make a list of all their traits. Compare these with people who buy from you.  Define your customers and write for them.  

4. What if they hate what I write? If you have considered 1,2 and 3 then you should be good to go with knowing what to say. Also check out what your competitors are writing and make sure to be inspired by their best posts and leave the poor ones behind. And have a go. Each week assess the content you're putting out there and see which has performed the best (you set your own targets for best, for example, reach, engagement, number of page impressions on your website). Remember, don't give up. Your business needs you to market it. 

5. I'm so busy running my business I genuinely don't have time. Ask yourself 'Can I make 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes a day to market my business?' If the answer is yes, define where best to do that.

Could you check social media platforms morning, noon and evening? Could you engage with people in LinkedIn for 15 minutes over a cup of tea? Can you write a blog post when you need a distraction from the other activities you're doing? 

If yes, then great, just plan your time to make sure it happens. This takes self-discipline. And if no, then can you get help? Is there anyone who can help with your business marketing? Or is there someone who can help with other business activities to free up your time?

No matter all of our time issues, our businesses need marketing activity to be found. 

6. I've spread myself thinly across too many platforms. If your customers aren't on all of them, then why do you need to be? Use the digital platforms to get to the people you need to. If there is no business benefit in the rest, don't use them.

7. It's really just very hard work. Yes. Yes it is. Marketing your business is really hard work. Because all of us who run our businesses didn't decide to becoming marketing geniuses over night. We decided to run our business based on our passions and skill sets. We did not plan to be marketers. But that doesn't mean it doesn't need doing. Neither does it mean it can't be really great fun learning. And who else knows more about your business than you? 

8. I have a life and a family you know. I'll lay bet that the reason your run your business, even if it's just you at home, is because you want a better life. To be more in control. To offer more to your family and to be able to see them more. To instill a sense of pride and demonstrate a hard working, parent, sister, brother, son or daughter. 

Running a business is hard work, but there you are doing it. Marketing is just one element of that. An important one. But if you can run a business, you can certainly market it. 

If you need any help or advice, I offer four free #GrabAnHour sessions each month. Email me to book one for you or find out more about the funded training that ensures your digital sparkles.