Who'd Listen To Me Anyway?

May 7th 2018, 10:35am

If you're reading this, there must have been something in the title that caught your attention. More than likely, you've thought it too; I have nothing to write. What can I say? And why would anyone want to read it anyway?

If you run a small business, no matter how small, no matter the turnover or what your business is about, the simple matter of fact is this:

You are special. You are brave. You are a business owner. You have something to say.

Sorry about the shouty caps. Actually, no I'm not. Most people don't have it in them to run a small business. And sadly nearly all small businesses don't make it past their first few years. 

My first business, Daisy Green Magazine managed to get to 5. But for many reasons, it's now no longer. And I still miss it. And the second one I (we) foolishly bought, the events company based at the other end of the country, (sorry Suzanne, what were we thinking?) that doesn't exist now either!

And Digital Sparkles has changed beyond recognition from its launch (how proud are we Jen that we're still such good friends) to the training and mentoring business it is now. 

When you run a small business, you are that business, it is you. This is an unescapable fact. 
Its tone, its style, its reason for existance is because of you. You need it and it needs you right back.
And there is a story. There is always a story. The Why. Why do you do what you do? Who is it for? Why does it exist? What do you want it to be?

People are interested in your story. Your customers are interested. If you are reading this, you're interested in this blog post and the story that goes with it.

Don't ever forget that you have a totally unique perspective.  Your story is yours alone. And your experience as a small buiness owner, that advice, help and support you can give to the rest of us, will always be of interest to us because we're all in the same boat.
We all experience the highs, lows and in-betweens of running our business. 

So if you have a story to tell, tell it. Let people into the 'business you'. This is not about revealing all of your personal self. But, trust (and customers buy because they trust a brand) comes from getting to know people. Authentic content goes a long way to helping build trust. 

So, the next time you think "no-one is interested" share a picture of where you work and what you're up to. Or share a step by step guide for your audience to demonstrate how helpful you are, or tell people the reason they should come to your business and not your competitors.
Share behind the scenes information - personal stuff really works. Or face your fears and do that live video you've been putting off for ages and get your face into some of your business photographs. 

I'm interested in your story. I want to know who I am connecting with and buying from. Write your story and let me read it. And I'll share it for you too. 

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