We have a Sparkly YouTube channel!

September 12th 2018, 8:53am

YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the Internet. So why have we not sorted out our own Digital Sparkles channel much sooner?

To be honest, I'm not sure. Cost? Lack of skills? Time? Lack of confidence? More effort directed to other places (like our #dodigital Facebook group). Probably a mixture of all of those things.

Maybe it was for us, just one too many. We've got accounts on the relevant platforms for our business and have overlooked YouTube.

But with the rise and rise and unstoppable rise in video content – even LinkedIn caught up and allowed us to put videos on the platform – we finally got our act together and decided that we needed to do much more with video content ourselves.

It started with Facebook live. The weekly #ThoughtfulThursday videos have provoked loads of chat and increased our Facebook page reach exponentially. It's really easy to download these videos and keep them to repurpose; so that is the start of our video content strategy.

Each week we'll download the live videos from Facebook, tweak them and upload to the YouTube channel. It is another thing to think of, but it's really simple to do and gives us additional Vlog content for the Digital Sparkles website and it exposes the business (and Nicola) to a new audience.  

At the moment, nearly all the videos are from the Facebook page but we're planning to add our training videos over there too. It's exciting. Now we just need another 66 subscribers to claim our own URL!

Check it out!