Tips for hosting a sparkling traditional marketing event ...

February 27th 2019, 8:03am

I have run events for my businesses for years, to spread the word about my brand, so I thought I would share my tips on how to run a successful event, how to plan it properly and make it work for your business.

So, here are some tips for hosting a sparkling event ...

  1. What's your objective for your event? Have a targetted goal.
  2. Time management – have at least three months to plan your event.
  3. Who is your audience and what's in it for them? Is your event good enough?
  4. Planning – what venue, who is in charge, who is inviting people and where are you finding people?
  5. What's your marketing plan for the event; use social media.
  6. On the day – what kit do you need to take to ensure your event runs smoothly?
  7. What is the call to action at the end? Are you giving out 'freebies'?
  8. Follow up – how and what are you doing to stay in touch?

Watch the video for further information from Nicola on all of the above tips. If you would like any further advice make contact and share your experience and any tips that you might have.



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