Taking Care of You! Tips from the #dodigital gang ...

November 5th 2018, 8:00am

The clocks have gone back which means the darker nights are definitely closing in and we’re all feeling it! With the cold weather, the stress of Christmas and the (more often than not) grey skies, we can get lost in the grind and often forget to look after ourselves. However, it’s just as important to take some ‘me’ time and get some relaxation in or our businesses, along with our health, will suffer.

This is something that we struggle with at Digital Sparkles; it’s so hard to switch off when there’s so much to do! So we reached out to the #dodigital gang for their advice and as usual, they didn’t disappoint! Read on for some excellent tips to boost your mood this winter …

  1. Get outdoors in daylight hours and get some sunshine!
    Suzanne Milbourne
  2. Exercise! Sometimes just some quiet time, stretching with light exercise helps calm the mind, other times it's about smashing pads and sparring (hitting someone else in a controlled manner whilst smiling).
    Alex Petrie
  3. Curl up with a good book. Or a movie. Preferably with Ben & Jerry’s!
    Catherine Muir
  4. Think of your energy levels in terms of a bank balance. Some things you do will replenish your energy sources and others with deplete them. Consider the tasks, commitments and even the people you spend time with and ask yourself how this affects your energy. If you’re spending a lot of time in an energy overdraft are there changes you could make?
    Claire Gardner
  5. Go for a run. It’s quiet time for the head while the body does the work.
    Freddie Matthews
  6. Quality time with the kids. Watching movies is the best tonic!
    Emma Burridge
  7. Exercise, personal development and healthy eating – the best for healthy mental health.
    Christine McAllister
  8. Meditation! Also a bit of self-care time with an aromatherapy candle, cosy blanket, chocolate, Kindle or a movie and journal my thoughts.
    Sara Phillips
  9. Take time off to learn a new skill! Learning new things always makes me feel good and because I need to practice, I’ve got 20 minutes every day where I can switch and enjoy.
    Keely Pearce
  10. A long walk on the beach any time of the year but love a windy day and the quietness when you come inside.
    Lara Mellor
  11. I used to love photography so have started it again to motivate myself to get off my backside and get outside in the dark nights and mornings.
    Stephen Paul
  12. Going to the beach or park helps. Making sure I get enough sleep is another and take my vitamins or I tend to fall over and burn out quickly.
    Steph Robson
  13. Kundalini Yoga is very spiritual and mindful and I feel all zingy after a session, so I’ll be doing it at home too. Meditation really helps, it’s something just for me and I’m learning to shut myself off from everything for a short while to take care of myself.
    Aimee Smith
  14. Meditation, nice food, baths and days off all help!
    Rosie Brent
  15. Holistic therapies, reflexology, Reiki and sometimes crystal work help. I also take Valerian Root extract to help me sleep (which I struggle with when I’ve a busy mind). Fresh air and meeting up with friends is critical too.
    Rachel Hunter
  16. I’ve just started Barre and it’s great. Also, walking in the fresh air, whatever the weather!
    Stacy Burleigh
  17. Leaving the phone in another room and reading is brilliant. I bought a newspaper at the weekend – I’m still working my way through the supplements – so much better than browsing online. Taking time for yourself is really important because of the benefits it will have on everything else!
    Simon Lowe
  18. I try to do something unrelated to work, even if just putting on some favourite music while I do the housework! Getting a change of scenery for a few hours can help, no matter what that entails.
    Tessa Budd
  19. I try and book myself in for a massage once a month. My body needs to be healthy, so an hour where I’m made to switch off does the world for me!
    Vicky Wade
  20. Lying on the sofa watching a favourite film with the phone off. So relaxing!
    Gail Armstrong

Thanks for the tips gang. You’re all bloomin’ marvellous!


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