Simple offline calls-to-action to get customers online

May 12th 2017, 12:13pm

There was so much right about the wonderful sandwich shop in Bowburn called Paxtons, I felt compelled to write a blog post about them. 


1. The shop was busy at 11.40am. There was a queue for sandwiches and all the pre-ordered food was stacked up on the bench. But there was enough staff serving and therefore I was greeted right away.

2. I was greeted. Right away.

3. The choice of sandwich fillings was enormous. And they had cottage cheese and pineapple - it never happens! So far so good. 

4. Their calls-to-action for their customers to join them on their social media channels were abundantly obvious.

And that's what this blog is really all about. Not cheese and pineapple sandwiches. I stood chatting to the lady who served me and explained that it was fabulous that I could find them so easily on their social channels because their great, big signs invited me to do so. I took pictures of everything. 

The thing is, when you are standing waiting for your sandwich and you have your phone in your hand, you are much more likely to follow that business, like that business, engage with that business when there is a great big sign inviting you to do so. 

And so I did engage. Here I am writing about them. I wonder how many people will find out about their business because of me writing and sharing this unplanned blog? Free marketing for them. 

5. My sandwich was made really quickly. And it was very reasonably priced.

6. There was a branded sticker on the bag. A lovely touch and when I got back to the office to eat, I had a reminder of where I had just been.

Great customer service and great marketing go hand in hand. Which comes first? You decide. Market your business well and back up all your promises with great customer service.

But great customer service is always going to be the best marketing you can ever, ever have.  

It doesn't cost Paxtons anything to have a sign up (apart from the initial price) to invite people to join them on their social media channels. They made it DEAD easy for me to find them and engage. But because the rest of their customer service was absolutely smashing, I wanted to engage. 

Think about your customers. Do you invite them to engage with you when they are sitting in your reception area? When they are in your office? Standing in your cafe? Sitting at your training tables? When you email them (are your social media links in your email signature?)? 

All of these examples are cost effective ways of raising your online profile from your offline, physical presence. 

Hurrah Paxtons! You've inspired me to think about my signage again in Sparkle HQ. And the sandwich went down a treat!

You can follow Paxtons on Instagram.