Reflections and plans for 2019

January 7th 2019, 9:00am

Here are the top four aspects of my business that I reflect on from last year to set targets for this coming year: 

  1. What did I enjoy doing most and want do I want to do more of?
  2. What brought the money in last year, both turnover and profit, and how can I raise turnover and more importantly my profit this year?
  3. Collaborators – which ventures have been positive and successful? Which not so much and where does that leave me for 2019? Can I work with some of the same people again?
  4. Content – is my digital content correct, good enough, reaching the right audience. Is my website fit for purpose? Which channels work and which don't.

The point of reflection is to reflect on all the good and challenging aspects of the prvious year and decide how you are going to take that forward to have a better year and progress. 

This will be different for your business and will also depending on how long you have been in business for. Let us know what you're reflecting on from last year and how that's going to help your business in 2019.



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