Lads and Lasses We Love - Rosie Brent

October 1st 2017, 7:47pm

This week we're introducing you to Rosie Brent, who loves all things techy and works with small business owners all over the North East. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do 
I’m Rosie, I am a technical consultant and my clients call me the “computer whisperer”. I’ve worked in IT for around 20 years, both in large corporate environments as well as smaller businesses. 

Tell us about your business 
I’m one half of a consultancy partnership called BizBuilder LLP. We formed this year to bring hands-on consultancy to small business owners in the North East.

What are the most sparkly bits of what you do?
I think that depends on which one of us is fronting the project – if you get my business partner Fran she can see through obstacles very easily and clearly and has an amazing ability to provide simple action plans that produce quick results. If I’m leading then you’ll get the technology “beast” tamed. Whether that’s finding the right software, making sure it’s setup and you’re trained properly or providing you with technical services so that the technical stuff happens by itself and you don’t need to worry about it.

What are the challenges you face?
As a new business, the biggest challenge is getting ourselves out there and ensuring people are aware that we’re here to help them.

What have been your biggest achievements?
I’ve trained people who have gone on to worldwide success for major software companies. I won a national business award my first year of business as a sole trader and as someone with a mental health disability staying in business for four years and being consistently healthy.

What are your goals? – For yourself and your business.
My goals are to never stop learning, there are always new things to learn which in turn allow me to provide better service and support to my clients. I’d like the business to expand and start to employ and develop apprentices and those retraining into new careers as I have a passion for supporting both women in STEM and people who have changed career later in life.

What is your favourite place in the North East?
Probably Durham, it’s a beautiful city and the Harry Potter connection doesn’t do it any harm since I’m a bit of a geek!

Who puts a sparkle in your eye?
My business partner is a total rock and always keeps me sparkling. Plus other members of the #dodigital group that I’ve known for a long time, being able to collaborate with such amazing professionals is a treat and a pleasure.

A final thought – what tips would you give to busy entrepreneurs?
Decide what your personal priorities are. Whether that’s how much you need to earn, how many hours a week you want to work, how much your work/life balance means to you etc. and once you have those priorities in place set your business up to support them. Self-employment can be one of the most personally rewarding things in the world but if it isn’t supporting your lifestyle the way you need it to be supported it can become incredibly draining. At that point, it becomes harder to sparkle.

Let yourself shine!

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