Lads and Lasses We Love - Rachael Moore

October 11th 2017, 10:12am

Tell us a bit about what you do Rachael.
Hi, I’m Rachael Moore and my business is Puzzle PA Services, based in Tarset near Hexham. I work with businesses and individuals to give them their time back through outsourcing admin tasks which taken them away from what they do best. 

Tell us about your business
I set my business up in July 2016 and have been amazed at how quickly is has grown. I love working with a range of different clients and really becoming an essential part of their business – “the missing piece”

What are the most sparkly bits of what you do?
I’d like to think that I help businesses to sparkle through removing all of those dreaded tasks they keep putting off – once clients don’t have to think about their office admin they can concentrate their attention on growing their business – this helps my business and theirs to Sparkle!

What are the challenges you face?
My main challenge is an ongoing one – that of saying NO to people! However one of the other challenges is being a sole trader who used to be an employee, it is developing a network of specialists to work alongside me to help out with things such as IT issues or dealing with a query I don’t necessarily have the expertise to handle. 

What have been your biggest achievements?
The biggest achievements have really been when clients have been so happy with the work I have done for them that they have referred and recommended me to their friends and associates. It gives you a great buzz that you are making such a difference and making running a business a far more enjoyable process for someone else. 

What are your goals?
My goals are to grow my business but I want to do this at a pace which allows me to fit in a lot of other commitments. I’d like to be able to have sufficient work to outsource tasks to associates and you never know, I might one day be at the stage where it is worthwhile taking on staff to help me manage things. 

What is your favourite place in the North East?
My favourite place in the North East is our farm here in Tarset. We are so lucky to call this place home and sometimes need to take the time to sit back and look at what an amazing place it is to live and bring up children. 

Who puts a sparkle in your eye?
Despite being absolute horrors and physically wrestling each other to the ground for at least 8 hours a day, our two little boys, Harry and Charlie definitely put a sparkle in my eye. They are very special little boys who are growing in to amazing characters with the most fantastic sense of humour – what more could you ask for!

What tips would you give to busy entrepreneurs?
*Don’t be afraid to turn work away if your heart is not in it. 
*Learn how to best manage your time
*Never be afraid to delegate!

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