Is your branding a work of art?

December 4th 2017, 5:52pm

This is a short and simple blog: a thank you to Miranda Petersen for turning #dodigital into a unique piece of art work for the Digital Sparkles office.

As a beekeeper Miranda, and her partner Kit, have several apiaries in the North East where they look after the welfare of their own honey bees and also work closely with ex-veterans on a beekeeping community project.

To create her stunning pictures, Miranda extracts wax from the bee frames and, once processed, she uses it to create encaustic (wax) paintings. She draws inspiration from her experiences of beekeeping and tries to capture this in her work.

I worked with Miranda at the end of 2016 and was enthralled with her talent. I’d never in my days be artistic enough to produce work made from beeswax (or even think that it was possible!).

Two of Miranda’s pieces already hang on the Sparkle wall, both of which represent the beauty, vibrancy and mayhem of running a small business! However when I wanted something totally unique, something that no-one else could ever have for their business, I asked Miranda to take our #dodigital hashtag (in our brand font) and turn it into art.

She did just that. I don’t know what I love most about it. The fact that it’s unique, made from beeswax, that the colours are so vibrant, the feel of the beeswax when you touch it, that it’s a talking point, all of the above or just how lovely and proud it makes me feel every time I look at it!

Buying Miranda’s work helps me support another #SavvySolo working in the North East. 

Find out more about Miranda’s work at Kit and Caboodle North East.

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