How to get your Sparkly Mojo Back!

July 1st 2018, 4:36pm

In this crazy, fast-paced world we always have a million different things to think about: work, home, money, children, the dog, the cat, the hamster … the list is endless! Your brain ends up going crazy with thoughts and ideas going off in all different directions and tangents and it’s exhausting.

So, we put the question to the #dodigital gang (our Facebook group) and asked them - ‘What do you do when your brain is in overload? What’s your trick to get your focus back?’

As usual, the gang didn’t disappoint and offered various tips and tricks to help you get your mojo back!

  1. I do a brain dump and make a get long list of stuff running around in my head. I then take that list and create my schedule for the coming weeks.  Joanne Rowland
  2. I take time journaling and working through what I have going on in my head.  Claire Gardner
  3. I get focused by writing down what’s important and not stressing about everything I have to do. Trying to focus on what’s important and what I want to do! Going outside in the garden helps too!  Tessa Budd
  4. Writing everything down and being honest about what means most is really helpful. Time outside soothes me and helps put everything in perspective.  Sarah Gardener
  5. We were gifted a beautiful piano via Gumtree and it’s been mindset changing!  Claire Talbot-Jones
  6. I write all my to-do’s and ideas down on post-it notes, stick them across my desk and then order them into priorities.  Joanne Stanton
  7. I pop things in my bullet journal, then go and meditate.  Sara Phillips
  8. Do a brain dump onto a big sheet of paper and then go for a walk on the beach.  Amanda Cartner
  9. Lists, prioritising, pros and cons, that kind of thing. Or walk away and do something mind-numbing like colouring, gardening, watching a candle and suchlike, that then clears the space to be able to process the thoughts better.  Helen Vickers
  10. Hit some pads. Clears the head!  Alex Petrie
  11. I have to make lots of lists and notes and then work my way through it all.  Christine Slater
  12. I do a brain dump. Just grab the nearest notebook and keep writing until it’s all out. Then I come back to it later to organise and prioritise. If that fails, I get my scalpel out and cut some pretty pictures.  Keely Pearce
  13. Write it down, give myself a good talking to and then take the dogs for a walk. By the time I get back I’m usually in a better fettle.  Gail Armstrong
  14. I stop everything and go for a walk if it’s during the day. I also like sewing. It requires focus, so that’s a great activity for me to empty my head. I’m also a huge book lover. Mainly fantasy and sci-fi, which are styles enough disconnected from the reality to help me have a break.  Julie Defoort
  15. Take my lovely border terrier for a walk – and breathe!  Jackie Maxwell
  16. Knit! It is calming and meditative. Or if I want to stop thinking altogether I choose a really complicated pattern that takes all my focus.  Danielle Stanley
  17. Music is how I clear my head. Either listen to it or play the piano, whichever is easiest at the time. Gets my focus back!  Gemma Ryan
  18. Music and learning new things for me. I’m relaxing tonight by experimenting with the new Live Audio feature in my group!  Jamie Ahmed
  19. Exercise and talking to my hubby when I have brain-ache!  Bernie Walsh
  20. A walk or crochet!!  Jane Michie

There you have it! Next time your brain is having a moment, follow one of these tried and tested tips to help you sort yourself out.