Happy Birthday to Digital Sparkles ...

April 1st 2019, 8:24am

Happy Birthday to Digital Sparkles ... things I've learned in six years (including panic attacks) ...

Over the years the changes have been phenomenal: a director has gone, the office has moved and there is now a completely different offer and service. BUT, while the business has changed beyond recognition since we launched six years ago, the ethics and values are still absolutely intact; we absolutely want to be the best.

COMMUNITY is all. Who you surround yourself with, is who you become and the way I work with the community has changed what we do. I passionately believe that it doesn't matter what training you go on, you have to take action. I have also learned over the years that my value sits in the communities I've built and the programmes I've developed recently that are based on accountability and responsibility.

It's not my responsibility to make you take action to ensure you hit your targets and achieve your goals, but community and accountability in my programmes work.

I have been suffering from panic attacks, from doing too much and understanding that my role has changed. I have been shocked to my core but I have now realised that I am human and I need to look after myself.

So my business is going to change, it already is changing ... we're going to be offering some cool programmes! Change is scary and exciting in equal measure but I am so excited, I'm not scared anymore. I'm going to stick to what I do best ... helping people achieve what they want to achieve.

Watch out for what's coming next ...



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