Getting to grips with your digital content

December 28th 2017, 9:00am

If you are going to reach your customers by communicating and engaging with them rather than selling at them (otherwise known as harassing/boring/preaching/irritating), you need great, compelling content.

But have you sat down and planned what you want to say and how you think your audience will react to it?

Try this:

  1. Write a list of everything you love seeing on social media. Focus on the positives. What really attracts your attention? Remember you may run a business but you are also a customer.
  2. Audit your social media content. Write a list of each type of post you share.
    Are they information based? Original or curated from others' accounts? Sales posts (buy, buy, buy), links to blogs on your website, tips and hints, inspiration? Do they have photos, videos or just text? 

    Have you noticed a pattern? 
  3. Compare your own list with what you're sharing.
  4. Imagine yourself as your customers or audience. Write down what you know about your customers and without any 'sales' pitches (these are always the easiest to share), write yourself a third list of content you think THEY would be interested in.

    Don't forget to include images and video. Include content that will tickle your customers' fancy that isn't a sales pitch.
  5. Next, do some competitor research. Understand what people in your industry are sharing out there and how their audience relates to it. What can you learn?

These five steps are the beginning of your Sparkling content plan. Bear in mind that if all we ever do is constantly talk about service and product, it's not very engaging for our audience and they may just turn us off.

Think about talking to people in real conversations and ensure that whatever you share always has your audience in mind. Then you may just build the audience you want.

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