#dodigital and raise £2000 for Willow Burn Hospice

June 30th 2017, 7:55pm

Are you joining us at our training and networking day in aid of Willow Burn Hospice?


When I decided to raise some money for Willow Burn Hospice, I realised that one of the things I could offer was training for businesses. The idea to have a Sparkly conference has been bubbling around for months but instead of being over-ambitious (who, me?!) we have decided to host our first one-day training and networking event, aimed at micro and small business owners, who want to learn and hone crucial digital skills to grow their businesses.

Meet the trainers

Session 1: Using Your Phone for Social Media Photos (AM and PM session) 9.30am - 12.15pm

Do you know how to use your phone to create amazing content that no one else has? It’s not about mega-pixels and f-stops, it’s about thinking differently and seeing differently. 
This session will open your eyes to how you can produce great images every day that just take 5 seconds of thinking and planning. We’ll share tips, tricks and ideas on improving your online images to promote your brand.

Gavin Forster is an award-winning photographer based in the North East, supporting businesses of all sizes to present themselves in the best possible way. His creative eye and relaxed approach leads to stunning images that stand out from any crowd. 
He delivers training for entrepreneurs teaching them how to improve their images on their phone for their social media marketing! Tips, tricks and ideas to revolutionise your social media streams.

Session 2: An Introduction To SEO & What You Can Do To Improve Yours  - 9.30am - 10.45am 

Helping search engines, like Google, understand your website - what you talk about - what questions you answer and what problems you solve - is paramount to being positioned well in the search results. In this session, we'll look at changes you can make to your website and tools you can use to boost your online presence so you have an understanding of what it is that search engines look at, and how to optimise your site to create more results.

James Lane is a leading provider of social media training, digital media consultancy and support, and has always been an excited technology supporter and early adopter. He is the #Nerducator. He creates 'train the trainer' sessions for his peers in leading digital marketing agencies and through government-funded programmes, and works very closely and in collaboration with Digital Sparkles.

Session 3: Facebook Advertising - 11am - 12.15 pm

Learn how to create and install your pixel, create custom audiences, why you should be retargeting your advertising, an introduction to different types of advertising and where & why you would apply them.

Claire Hunter absolutely loves Facebook Advertising. With a huge personal interest in marketing her own business, Claire decided to set up her own Social Media Marketing agency, specialising in the Facebook Advertising niche for over 4 years and offers online training packages as well as 121 support to get your Facebook advertising right.

Session 4: Using Your Phone for Social Media Photos (AM and PM session) 1.30 - 3.10 pm

*As above*

Session 5: Google for Business (James Lane)

Google provides a suite of software to help you advertise and promote your corner of the internet. Understanding how these tools work together, which ones you should be registered with and what changes you can make to ensure that you're getting the most from your time spent. We'll look at the range of tools available to you supported with tips and guidance on how to make the most of them.

3.15pm - Personal Branding to Grow Your Business  and the Clothes Swap! 

You’ve heard the saying that people do business with people they know, like and trust. It’s absolutely true. People want to work with you, not just your website or logo. 

In this session you'll consider how to bring your business and your brand to life by being yourself. The aim is to consider who you are and more importantly, how to infuse your brand with your personality so your customers feel like they get to know you faster.

You will undertake exercises from You Are Your Brand, Kathryn's signature programme, to give you the confidence and clarity to connect with your customers.

Kathryn will then open the Clothes Swap!

Kathryn Clarke is a personal branding strategist who works with small businesses and their owners to help them understand what sets them apart from every other business out there and to communicate it well.

Networking, 121 sessions, close and pub! 4.45pm - 5.30pm

If you would like to join us on thursday July 13th and help us raise £2000 for Willow Burn Hospice, please be quick as 80% of the training places have been secured. To get yours, simple make your donation via JustGiving (minimum £50 for the day) and we'll be in touch.