Digital Sparkles is 6! Happy Birthday

March 27th 2019, 7:31pm

This week Digital Sparkles celebrates its 6th birthday. Registered as We Are Sparkle Ltd on 27 March 2014, the business is almost unrecognisable from its early years.

Launched by Jen Robson and me, Nicola Little, We Are Sparkle had a portfolio of 20+ clients for whom it delivered social media management and content writing services. With regular networking events and ‘Grab an Hour’ opportunities for businesses to pick the team’s collective brains on all things digital, it was a thriving micro agency.

Fast forward six years and Jen now heads up her own content writing consultancy whilst Digital Sparkles is an award-winning mentoring and training company based in Consett. 

So let me share the top six things I’ve learned over the last Six Sparkling Years.

  1. Everything changes. No matter where you start, you’ll end up veering off course and around the corner before you find your true calling! Working with micro businesses is mine, whether that’s training in large groups or in a 1–2–1 setting, my greatest joy is helping people who really want to make their business work for them. 
  2. Remember your Why. Why are you doing what you’re doing? You might have to dig deep to find your true why, my experience is that many people will have a ‘glib’ answer when asked this question, but the true reasons you want to work for yourself should get you through the awful days.
  3. Technology is changing so quickly and we must try our best to keep up, but at our own pace. There are many new innovations that just won’t be helpful to you or your customers, master the technology and platforms you need, those that are relevant to your business and your customers and leave the others alone.
  4. Stop obsessing over what others are doing. It does you no good at all. Competitor research is important but losing hours over other people’s businesses stops us focusing on ours.
  5. Learn your numbers. Be intimate with your figures. Track your money in and out, your sales, set targets and treat your business as a business. Numbers don’t lie.
  6. Take plenty of rest and enjoy what you’re doing. We are important. Our businesses won’t achieve their potential if we can’t either. If we don’t enjoy it, what’s the point?

We’re launching our 6-month #dodigital business bootcamp in May 2019. If you want (need) help to stay on track, being accountable, setting targets and making plans for your business to grow (your way) then this is the 6-month programme for you. 

* You will need to commit one day each month for 6 months to get the very best results from #dodigital business bootcamp. No excuses! *

Email for more information and to apply for your place.