Are videos and live videos worth bothering with?

January 3rd 2019, 9:08am

Someone asked me if the live videos were working for me and Digital Sparkles. So I sat down and poured through my Facebook insights to have a check.

The short answer is Yes. 

  • On average 2,000 minutes of me on video are watched each month
  • The two most engaged posts in the last quarter were videos
  • Our reach and engagement is, on average, 1.5–2 times higher with videos than regular posts
  • They are quick and easy to do and can be downloaded later and shared all over the place!

Watch the video for more insights from Nicola!

Do you regularly make videos for your business? What successes have you had? Let us know.

If you're not doing videos yet, then have a go, share your videos into the #dodigital group



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