6 ways small businesses can support a charity

May 9th 2017, 11:08am

Hi everyone, I’m Laura Douthwaite, Senior Fundraiser at Willow Burn Hospice (that's me in the photo sitting right under our Willow Tree in the Hospice day centre). As part of the Income Generation Team I mainly focus on Corporate Fundraising and I want to dispel a few myths about what this actually means!

When I use the term “Corporate Fundraising” people instantly think that refers to multi-million pound businesses donating hundreds of thousands to charity. Not every business I work with is a multi-million pound company, and I hear the phrase “I can’t afford to support a charity” or “my business isn’t big enough to support a charity” on a regular basis.

However, Willow Burn Hospice is proud to say that some of our biggest supporters are small to medium businesses who we have built a relationship with and we work together in all sorts of different ways.

If it’s not all about money, what else can you do?

Spare a few hours to share your skills? For example, if you specialise in marketing, you could give us a marketing masterclass leading up to a big event. Sharing knowledge is invaluable to both you and us. The charity can promote your business in return as well as supporting your CSR policy.

Spare a few hours to work in a charity shop. We rely heavily on volunteers to support us and in 2016 our volunteers donated 13,600 hours of their time, saving us over £98,000!

Donate a raffle prize. Donated raffle items are very much appreciated and make a huge difference in our fundraising.

Host a coffee morning. Nicola and Jen from Digital Sparkles hosted a coffee morning for Willow Burn recently and raised over £250! On the day, everyone tweeted and showed their support, helping raise everyone’s profile! Coffee mornings are fantastic as they raise money for a charity, while doubling as a networking event – and the chance to have a cup of coffee and a chat!

Challenge your staff to turn £5 into £50. Run a staff incentive and have fun seeing who comes up with the most creative way to raise funds!

Take part in an event. With a full range of events from runs to party nights, there’s always something to suit everyone!

All of these seemingly small activities add up and they really do make a difference to charities. Activities like these have really helped Willow Burn and the people we care for.

We hope this has inspired you to do something for a charity using your business. If you’re interested in doing something for Willow Burn, give me a call, we can have a coffee and see where we go from there.

You can contact me via email or visit the Willow Burn website for more information and to get involved.

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