Imagine you're at a networking event and someone asks you what your "thing" is. What would your answer be?

What is your thing? What is your business all about? What's your long term goal and how do you share its benefits with your clients and potential clients on social media?

Digital Sparkles' "thing" is learning; all our delegates come to us to learn. Nicola's "thing" is teaching via training and mentoring, she'll bring out the best in you, so you can take charge of your social media marketing. Our desire to teach combined with your desire to learn is the perfect combination - we'll ensure you're not reliant on anyone to deliver your business marketing unless you choose to.

We want to make you and your business memorable via your digital marketing.

Tell us what you need.




Nicola Jayne Little: chief sparkler, digital trainer and mentor

Nicola Jayne Little

Chief Sparkler, digital trainer and mentor

Once a teacher, always a teacher. Since leaving the primary school classroom, I've swapped teaching children to training business owners and professionals, helping them achieve their digital marketing goals. For four years I was director of Daisy Green Magazine and Events, an online ethical magazine and events company which I passionately loved. The business closed in 2014 but the experience taught me to #dodigital.

I approach social media marketing with the same relentless energy and positivity as I do my training or mentoring sessions - it is a business essential, not an add-on. 

A great day at work for me is when people start to "get it", the light bulb moment that I loved so much in the classroom. It's such a thrill when someone understands that they can cope with their social media marketing - it's just lush. 

My training style is intuitive. Lots of people come to me with a fixed idea of what they want and need. It's always a good starting point but is very rarely the whole picture. The teaching must flow with the learning, at the delegate's pace, whether that's with a small group, a larger workshop or in a 1-2-1 mentoring session.

Making a real difference to people running their small businesses keeps me Sparkling and that's why I do it. I'm really proud of the inclusive #dodigital community that I've built on Facebook. People are wonderful and generous with their help and advice.

If you like what you've read, please join us in the group or drop me an email and let's see if we can't get you Sparkling, together.  

Twitter: @NicolaJSparkles
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/nicolajaynelittle
Facebook: facebook.com/DigitalSparklesTraining
Skype: nicolajaynesparkles

Michelle Dobson: sparkling office manager

Michelle Dobson

Sparkling Office Manager

Michelle is the right-hand woman at Digital Sparkles. She manages all our enquiries, organises our training events, liaises with a team of small business owners who support Sparkle, lends a hand on our social media channels and generally keeps Nicola in check!

As a small business owner herself, she understands the pressure faced by small business owners. Michelle joined Digital Sparkles offering full business support in 2017.

Her strengths include a no-nonsense attitude to business support; if the jobs need to get done, she will get them done.

Twitter: @digitalsparkles
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/michelle-dobson
Facebook: facebook.com/DigitalSparklesTraining

Paul Smissen: sparkling associate

Paul Smissen

Sparkling Associate

Paul has over 17 years’ senior experience of private, public and third sector business development, B2B marketing, and direct sales. He has been instrumental in devising, developing and implementing major welfare reform and skills programmes.

Paul's long-standing and successful track record that includes supporting numerous organisations across the North East to become ‘bid ready’, and successfully securing contracts across a wide range of sectors, including construction, insurance, domestic utilities, sport, welfare to work, skills and the digital sectors to support businesses to grow and diversify.

As Head of Business Development at Tynemet College, Paul secured major public sector and other contracts, building extensive regional and national networks - including agencies such as Department for Education, Department of Work and Pensions, North East LEP, Construction Industry Training Board, Local Authorities, and the Tees Valley LEP.

Now he's bringing all his expertise to work alongside Nicola and Michelle to help North East businesses sparkling. 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-smissen/