Nicola has  delivered training to thousands of business people over the last four years, and throughout that time, she's heard dozens of reasons preventing them using social media to raise their businesses profile.

You told us you use social media because you think you have to. Or, you were told to. Or your competitors are. But there's never enough time right? And who's interested anyway? And what happens if I get it wrong?

Sound familiar?

What often follows is a scattergun approach to digital marketing. A bit here, a bit there. But with no definied goals to measure against, the effort is assumed a failure which in turn leads to frustration and disillusionment and people often give up.

Used correctly, digital marketing (and social media as an element of that) will reap dividends for your business – whether it be developing sales leads, raising your profile or growing your network, or even just taking part in an inspirational chat in a spare few minutes.

The three pillars of our training are:

1. Planning, content and confidence. If you're going to invest time developing a digital audience, understand why. Define who you are trying to reach and how best to engage them with your brand. Once you know who you want to connect with, work out what they want to hear, read and see via your websites, blogs, newsletter and from your social media communications.

2. The platforms. Learn how to use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest & Instagram and write e-newsletters for your business. Audit your website to make sure it meets your audience's needs. 

3. Is it working? Measuring your success, analysing your results and using advanced management tools is key to getting your digital marketing to Sparkle. 

Invest some time with us, and we'll make sure you and your business gets the results you deserve.