We're here to make sure your digital marketing Sparkles. 

Want to find out how? Book a free #GrabAnHour session where we chat through everything that you are hoping to achieve from your digital marketing. You'll leave feeling energised, ready to go and Sparkle! 

digital planning service: working with you to develop a considered digital plan


Planning. At Sparkle, we're all about the planning.

If you have a digital plan in place, you can meet your aims and objectives and hit your targets. We'll work with you to cut through all the fuss, help you understand exactly what it is you're trying to achieve from your digital marketing, and develop an easy-to-follow plan that will keep you on track.

Once it's all set up, we'll provide you with your Digital To-Do list; a checklist of all the actions you need to put in place to get the results you're looking for. You may then decide to tap into our training schedule to fill your missing skills gaps or plan in a monthly coaching session so we can help you to maintain your digital marketing momentum.

We plan sparkly digital marketing tips.

social media set-up service: helping you grow your business through sales


Social media. It's either the best thing since sliced bread (we think so) or, as many of you keep telling us, it's a necessary evil. Our take on social media is this; using it helps you to build an online presence, get your brand known, make contacts, grow your business, develop great working relationships, and progress leads.  

What we know is this; you have to work at your social media marketing. You have to plan it and deliver it and work at it. Our monthly coaching sessions are designed to keep you on track and make you accountable.

You'll work 1-2-1 with Nicola to assess your monthly results, plan your next month's activities and solve any problems you've faced in the last month. With a weekly email, she'll remind you to stay Sparkly and keep on track.

Sorting social media with sparkle.

Content creation


Written content is at the heart of your digital communications, whether it’s for your blog, newsletter, website, social media or the digital press. 

It must be worth discovering, sharing and acting upon. It must do a really good job of explaining your business, your vision and values – in a nutshell what you’re all about. 

Creating content and using it through your digital communication channels properly will also help you to develop strong relationships with those that matter.

Jennifer Clair specialises in helping you develop Sparkling content that does just that. 

Whether you need a helping hand to get started, regular content creation, or just an extra pair of eyes to check your words, we will make sure that your content Sparkles.

Writing with Sparkle