Imagine you're at a networking event and someone asks you what your "thing" is. What would your answer be? What is your business about?  

Digital Sparkles "thing" is learning. Your learning. And taking everything you have learned and putting it into action. 

Our clients and delegates are at the epicentre of our Sparkle and our job is to help them make their Digital Marketing Sparkle so brightly that their customers and desired target audience simply have to engage with their brand.

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Nicola Jayne Little: chief sparkler and digital trainer

Nicola Jayne Little

Chief Sparkler and digital trainer

Once a teacher, always a teacher. Since leaving the primary school classroom, I've swapped teaching little children to training business owners and professionals, helping them achieve their digital marketing goals. For four years I was director of Daisy Green Magazine and Events, an online ethical magazine and events company which I passionately loved. Whilst Daisy Green is no longer, running that business gave me the solid grounding in honing digital marketing for business benefits.

I learned to #dodigital.

I approach social media marketing with the same sparkly positivity that I do the rest of the business; it is not an add-on but an essential element of the marketing strategy. 

Animated when delivering training, a good day at work for me is when people start to "get it" . Get that they can deliver their own social media and make it work. Get that it's not that scary after all and get that they have lots to say for the people who want to listen.

Making a real difference to people running their small businesses keeps me sparkling and that's why I do it. You'll find me often in the #dodigital community that builds weekly in Facebook and supports each other every day. 

Join us. 

Twitter: @NicolaJSparkles
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/nicolajaynelittle
Facebook: facebook.com/WeAreSparkle
Skype: nicolajaynesparkles